General Market Comments

Written by MrStockFox. Posted in Trade Ideas

Over the last several weeks I really haven't been doing much of anything.  Going into the lows of Febuary, I added heavily into many dividend paying companies.  For now I am sitting tight, building cash levels, and selling some overbought positions.  I am not interested in buying much of anything until we see a correction.  

The one area that I am really interested in is gold stocks.  I think sometime this week we could see a correction down to at least 17.20 on the GDX, possibly even 15.60.  It will be fast a violent.  I plan to add back on my positions within the GDXJ that I sold a week or so ago at 28 level.

A couple companies that I might add to soon are ABBV, GILD, PFE, AMGN

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