Brent Cook Interview on BNN

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brent cook

Brent Cook, Exploration Analyst & Geologist, Exploration Insights

FOCUS: Junior Mining and Exploration Stocks & Commodities

Market outlook

Commodities and mining are boom and bust markets. We are in the bust phase and still working out the excesses of the super commodity bull of the past 10 years. It could get worse as a near global economic slowdown continues and the hot money is playing other casinos right now. The flip side of this negative market is that junior and major mining equities have fallen 50 to 80 percent and there are some legitimate projects selling at a deep discount to their value. The trigger, in my opinion, will be the realization that we are not finding and developing enough new mineral deposits to replace what we are mining. Eventually that fact will turn the mining market and the next boom phase begin. It will however take some time.

Top Picks

Pilot Gold (PLG.TO)
Reservoir Minerals (RMC.V)
Mirasol Resources (MRZ.V)