Ending 2016 with a Bang

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Dividend Income

If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

One of my 2016 goals was to hit $10,000 in future annual income.  I honestly didn't think I would come close, let alone blow the number out of the water by $708.  I started the year in a good place with $5645 of income and managed to practically double that by adding $5063.  In three years, I have gone from basically zero dollars of dividend income to now earning more than $10,000 in a given year.  for 2017 I have my heart set on hitting $15,000.  At the time of this writing my income is currently at $10,912, so by the end of this year I will have to accumulate $4100 more in future income. (I'll go over this more in my 2017 goals)

Not only did hit my goal for total income, I ended the month of December with $1427.52, breaking the 4 digit market for the first time.  Approx. $900 I totally expected but what I did not expect was around $500 in dividend income paid out by my purchase of GDXJ. I only planned to commit $60,000 for the full year of 2016. Well I blew that out the water by beating it by almost 17%.   I managed to add $12,097.25 for December, ending the year on a high note by adding almost $70,000 in new capital.

Going into the detail, my monthly income was 189% higher than the same month a year ago and up 91% over last quarter.  My portfolio value increased from $271,893 to $288,367. 

Current Stats
  • 12 Month Income = $7984.93
  • Total 12 Month Future Dividends = $10708

Each of the dips on the red curve are months in which I received major dividend cuts.  


  • Dividend Income by Month
  • 12 Month Moving Average


  • Historical Income for the past 12 Months
  • Projected Income for the next 12 Months



  • 2014 Income
  • 2015 Income
  • 2016 Income


Below are all of my purchases for the month of December 2016. 

PVG Pretium Resources 1180 $8400  
NKE Nike 15 $760 $10.80
UL Unilever 17 $700 $26.52
CMG Chipotle 1 $370  
VER VEREIT 128 $1085 $70.40 
DEO Diageo PLC 10 $1000 $31.46
OAK OakTree Capitol 10 $400 $26 
AMGN Amgen Inc 3 $420 $13.80
BUD Anheuser Busch 25 $2550 $80.75
V Visa 12 $900 $7.92
GILD Gilead Sciences 6 $440  $11.28
OR Osisko Gold 6 $55  
CONE CyrusOne 25 $1070  $38
FCUUF Fission Uranium 3515 $1750  
GDXJ Junior Gold ETF 300 $9300  
EXR Extra Space Storage 28 $2040 $87.36
TEVA TEVA Pharm 60 $2200 $81.60
    TOTAL $33440 $485.89

Monthly Capital Contribution

Below you can view the total dollar contributions made to my Dividend Portfolio since inception along with the 12 month total in red.  Currently my 12 month capital contribution total is coming in at $69,595.  Going forward I would like to contribute at least $50,000 a year to my dividend portfolio and as of the last 12 months I seem to be crushing that number since I am currently closer to $60,000.  In the month of DecemberI added $12,097 in new funds to the portfolio.


Portfolio Value


Since I tend to take profits more often than the typical buy and hold dividend investor, my Cost Basis and Portfolio Value ratio are not an accurate reflection of my overall profits within the portfolio. 

Portfolio Weighting



If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

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