Dividend Income Update July 2016

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I just got back from a 2 week trip visiting Seattle and Vancouver with my family.  I also got a chance to attend the Sprott Natural Resources Conference in Vancouver.  I'll probably do a little overview of the conference in a separate post.  I got to hear the CEO's of 3 of my largest resources companies, Ivanhoe Mines, Pretivm Resources and Nevsun Resources.

Here are a couple photos from the trip.  The weather was absolutely amazing, with most days in the low 70's.


I couldn't believe how cheap the flowers were in Pikes Market



Dividend Income

After being out of contact for almost two weeks I have a lot to get caught up on.  So I am going to dive right into my numbers for the month of July, 2016. 

If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

My monthly income was 60% higher than the same month a year ago and up 37% over last quarter.  I took in $332.37 for the month of July.  My portfolio value increased from $216,606 to $235,164 which also includes my contributions of $3935.  

I ended the month with my annual future dividends at $8350 up from $8164 last month.

Current Stats
  • 12 Month Income = $5368
  • Total 12 Month Future Dividends = $8350



  • Dividend Income
  • 12 Month Moving Average



  • 2014 Income
  • 2015 Income
  • 2016 Income


Below are all of my purchases for the month of July 2016. 

  • 50 shares of ATUSF
  • 400 shares of AOIFF
  • 3 shares of GILD
  • 30 shares of CCJ
  • 107 shares of SPOXF
  • 5 shares of CHRW
  • 9 shares of BEN
  • 6 shares of SHLX
  • 2 shares of VER
  • 55 shares of WFC
  • 133 shares of NSU
  • 49 shares of TIF
  • 21 shares of BSM
  • 3 shares of PII
  • 1 share of V
  • 14 shares of BNS
  • 20 shares of NKE
  • 4 shares of BX
  • 27 shares of OHI

Monthly Capital Contribution

Below you can view the total dollar contributions made to my Dividend Portfolio since inception along with the 12 month total in red.  Currently my 12 month capital contribution total is coming in at $59,066.  Going forward I would like to contribute at least $50,000 a year to my dividend portfolio and as of the last 12 months I seem to be crushing that number since I am currently closer to $60,000.  In the month of July I added $3935 to my dividend portfolio.


Portfolio Value


Since I tend to take profits more often than the typical buy and hold dividend investor, my Cost Basis and Portfolio Value ratio are not an accurate reflection of my overall profits within the portfolio. 

Portfolio Weighting


Option Income



  • Dividend Income
  • Option Income

If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

Thanks for reading.

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