Dividend Income Update January 2016

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Dividend Income

The trend continues as I near $6000 in future dividend income.  For the last 2-3 months, my forward momentum has been like 2 steps forward and 1 step backward.  My energy holdings continue to reduce their dividends.  At the end of last year, KMI took a big blow to my overall income.  This month ConocoPhillips decided to reduce their dividend by 66%.  Although not overall detrimentally to my overall growth, but a reduction of around $30 none the less.  ConocoPhillips is a legacy position I initiated several years ago.  I always felt that the company had a good chance of cutting because they no longer had any downstream operations like Exxon or Shell.  That is why I have never added to my position like many other oil companies.

The month of January is my slowest overall month in terms of generating much dividend income.  My monthly income was 92% higher than the same period a year ago and -52% lower compared to my income in December. 

If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

Current Stats
  • 12 Month Income = $4070.02
  • Total 12 Month Future Dividends = $5721



  • Dividend Income
  • Account Value
  • 8 Month Moving Average

Monthly Capital Contribution

Below you can view the total contributions made to my Dividend Portfolio since inception along with the 12 month total.  For the last 11 months my contribution rate has been over $4000 each and every month.  This is something I am very proud of.  Currently my 12 month capital contribution total is coming in at $56241.  Going forward I would like to contribute at least $50,000 a year to my dividend portfolio.



Portfolio Weighting



Below is all of my purchases for the month of Jan 2016.

  • 5 shares of CSCO
  • 1 shares of QCOM
  • 9 shares of TROW
  • 1 shares of VER
  • 12 shares of ADM
  • 8 shares of AMP
  • 1 share of XOM
  • 1 share of IBM
  • 4 shares of GILD
  • 2 shares of CMG
  • 6 shares of RDS.b
  • 1 share of HSY
  • 4 shares of AXP
  • 2 shares of BX
  • 2 shares of V
  • 31 shares of RVRLF
  • 2 shares of MA
  • 5 shares of INPCF
  • 7 shares of TIF
  • 2 shares of AAPL
  • 1 share of INTC
  • 4 shares of HCN
  • 2 shares of TD
  • 9 shares of BNS
  • 27 shares of POT
  • 13 shares of LC
  • 32 shares of ARLP
  • 8 shares of SPOXF
  • 4 shares of ATUSF
  • 1 share of PX
  • 27 shares of EMR

If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

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