Dividend Income Update May 2015

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Dividend Income

Another month is in the books and its now time to update things for the month of May.  Much of the month seemed to be a blur with many of the days seeming to repeat like ground hog day.  My daughter just had her first b-day which was very special to celebrate.  Lately though I feel the need of a big vacation.  I generally like to take a big trip every 6 months or so and our last big vacation was to New England last October.  

May was a huge huge huge month for my Dividend Portfolio.  Not only did I pass $400 for the first time in a single month, but I also passed $500 hitting $576.85.  My monthly income was 633% higher than the same period a year ago and 252% over my income in the month of April.  My annual future Dividend income has been going up on average $300 a month since February.  At this rate I should hit my monthly goal by the end of the summer, but I plan to focus on smaller dividend payers going into the end of the year.  So we will see what ends up happening.  All and all, I should still end up hitting my goal of $5000. 

Current Stats
  • 12 Month Income = $2595.82
  • Total 12 Month Future Dividends = $4297



  • Dividend Income
  • Account Value
  • 8 Month Moving Average

Monthly Capital Contribution

After a stellar percentage gain in the month of April, the portfolio only grew by .5%.  I anticipated this recent decline in energy which offset much of the other gains in my portfolio.  The current value is of my portfolio increased from $93206 to $98145..  Below you can view the total contributions made to my Dividend Portfolio since inception along with the 12 month total.  Currently my 12 month capital contribution total is coming in at $43,670 which decreased slightly from last month. Over time I would like to see the red moving average continue to increase over time.



Portfolio Weighting


Some of the smaller sectors continue to creep up as I add to positions.  I would slowly like to reduce the overall percentage in energy but for now I am okay with it being such a large position. 

I continue to like PG, JNJ, TROW, BEN, SII.to, CVX, XOM, TRGP, SXL, EPD, HSY, VTR, OHI, O, HCN, HCP

If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

Thanks for reading.

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