Dividend Income Update Feb 2015

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Dividend Income

Another month has passed and its now time to update what I made in dividend income.  This month was a pretty slow month in terms of income received. If you wish to view any of my past monthly updates you can find them here.

In Feb, I took in $152.41, which is 393% higher than the income I took in from a year ago.  My income from the last 12 months also increased from $1556.30 to $1677.81.  One of my goals is to have this number never to decrease in value.  

The biggest news this month was the 80% decrease in the dividend of ESV.  I had a feeling that this was coming soon.  This hit my portfolio in a big way with an overall decrease in income of over $200.  I'm going to have to make some major contributions later in the year to make up for this income loss.  Ouch!



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  • Account Value
  • 6 Month Moving Average

Monthly Capital Contribution

The total value of my Dividend Portfolio increased by over $4,000 this month, which $1800 was due to new capital contributions.  The current value is at $80,993.  Below you can view the total contributions made to my Dividend Portfolio since inception along with the 12 month total.  Currently my 12 month captial contribution total is coming in at $42941. Over time I would like to see the red moving average to increase over time.

This month I contributed less that I wanted to but currently have a couple things going on at the moment were I needed the extra cash.  Currently I am in the process of refinancing my home from 4.15% 20 year loan, to 3.25% 15 year loan.  My payments only go up by $30 a month but I save on almost 2 full years of payments as my current loan only has 17 years left.  I'm not sure how much I will need at closing so currently I am holding back on some funds.  Also this month I have finally paid off my car which was one of my goals last year but didn't successfully finish that goal by December.  This will save over $500 a month in outgoing expenses.  It will be nice to have extra cash to add to positions that I like.



Portfolio Weighting

Over the past month I was finally able to figure out how to track my portfolio weighting inside of google spreadsheets.  I always new that it was heavy on the Basic Materials and Energy side of things and the graph below clearly shows that.  


Both Energy and Basic Materials dropped a couple percentage points this point due to taking profits on a couple positions as well as my large investment into BAX. I am not really too concerned at certain sectors being over weigh at this time.  I am in the accumulation mode and right now I continue to focus on what Mr. Market is providing as cheap.

Next Month

I continue to like XOM, CVX, BP, WMB, OKE, TRGP, IBM, BNS, RY, TD, HP, NOV, EMR, PM, BAX, CAT, SII.to

You can find my total dividends received each month located here.

Thanks for reading.

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