Dividend Income Update Dec 2014

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Another month has passed and its now time to update what I made in dividend income.  This month not only did a hit a new record in Dividend income, but I passed the $300 mark for the frist time. 

You can find all my monthly updates located here.

In December, I took in $317.83, which is 1233% higher than the income I took in from a year ago.  Over the last 12 months I have taken in $1457.56.  My original 2014 goal was to receive over $1200 by the end of this year.  I blew that out of the water by over $200.  Hell yeah!

The total value of my Dividend Portfolio increased by almost 10k this month.  The current value is at $71,650.  Last month my future 12 month dividends increased above $3100 but because of the Seadrill debacle I was forced to lower my dividend income because of the cut. Even with the cut I still managed to hit my end of the year target of $3000 in future dividends with the grand total of $3110 for 2014.  Again Hell yeah!   I can't believe that I was able to add over 50k to my dividend portfolio in a single year.  It really feels amazing to see these results and the chart above continues to speak for itself.  My original goal for the year only started out at $2000 in dividend income, but I still managed to increase that by more than 50%.

The New Year is upon us and I can't wait to think about my up coming goals for this year.  I would really like to hit $5000 in future dividends but I'm not sure if that will be obtainable. 

Even though I am heavily weighted to energy stocks, I am still hoping that we get one more dip early this year.  I would like to back up the truck one more time. 

I continue to like XOM, CVX, BP, WMB, OKE, IBM, BNS, HP, HAL, NOV, ESV

You can find my total dividends received each month located here.

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