Weekly Purchases - 9/21/16

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I know that I just reported my purchases a couple days ago but after going on a buying spree I thought I would update everyone with a new post.  Many of these positions are companies that I haven't invested in a while.  Both CVS and LMT are new positions.  By far this was my greatest increase in income over such a short period of time.  My original goal for the year was to hit $9,000 in future income.  With these purchases I have blown that target out of the water.  I currently sit at $9354.  I don't know if I could hit $10,000 but for now I am going to make that my new goal by the end of 2016.  Wish me luck!

I Bought:

This week I increased my annual income by $353.95.  Here is what I purchased:

WPC W P Carey Inc 9 $580 $35.28 
WETF Wisdomtree 27 $300 $8.64
EPD Enterprise Products 31 $820 $49.60
OAK OakTree Capital 3 $130 $6.96
LMT Lockheed Martin 3 $720 $19.80
GE General Electric 45 $1350 $41.40
FAST Fastenal Co 19 $750 $22.80 
CVS CVS Health 10 $900 $19.60 
CHRW C H Robinson 5 $340 $8.60
TD Toronto Dominion 13 $560 $21.71 
RY Royal Bank of Canada 11 $670 $27.72 
PII Polaris Inds 2 $145 $4.40
PM Philip Morris 5 $500 $20.80 
NSU Nevsun Resources 14 $44 $2.24 
XOM Exxon Mobil 3 $250 $9.00 
AXP American Express 15 $970 $17.40
EMR Emerson Electric 20 $1030 $38.00
    TOTAL $10059 $353.95 

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.
(Sometimes the posting of my sells can be delayed by a couple days to even a couple weeks depending on when I get around to updating the spreadsheet.)


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