Weekly Purchases - 5/20/16

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I ended up purchasing my watch list from last week with the addition of Verizon. I only had a couple shares within my portfolio and felt it was time to take that position up a notch.  

I have started to input the the last 10 years of dividend growth for each of the companies within my portfolio.  If you slide over to the right on the porfolio page, you can start viewing this data along with my compounding income 1yr, 5yr, 10yr and 30yrs out.  Some of the growth numbers are skewed a little because the company has only beeing paying a dividend for a short while.  A perfect example is Cisco Systems.  Which has only been paying a dividend for 6 years and has a 5 year average of 40% dividend growth.  Over the next 5 years I expect this number to greatly be reduced to between 10-15%.

On the topic of my personal goals...

I still have not updated my personal goals for this year but always had them in the back of my mind.  I will try to make an effort over the next week to update my goals for 2016.  But what I wanted to mention is that when I started this year, I had a personal goal of getting to $8000 - $8200 in dividend income.  I ended 2015 right around $5500.  At the beginning of the year I felt as though I was making zero progress.  This is due to the fact that several of my companies cut their dividends, ie: KMI, COP, etc.  In the last 2 months I have taken a giant leap forward as my 2016 dividend income now stands at $7842.  I am within spitting distance of obtaining of 2016 goal of $8000 in income by the end of June.  I am very excited and truly blessed that I have been able to obtain $8000 of income within 2.5 years of starting my dividend portfolio.  

A very special thanks to all my followers on this journey.

Regards, MrStockFox

I Bought:

Over the last week I increased my annual income by $282.32.  Here is what I purchased:

  • 100 shares of Verizon (VZ) - This will increase my annual dividends by $230.52
  • 2 shares of Gilead Sciences (GILD) - This will increase my annual dividends by $3.76
  • 3 shares of Starbucks (SBUX) - This will increase my annual dividends by $2.40
  • 13 shares of Apple Inc (AAPL) - This will increase my annual dividends by $29.64
  • 3 shares of Tiffany & Co (TIF) - This will increase my annual dividends by $4.80
  • 5 shares of Target Corp (TGT) - This will increase my annual dividends by $11.20

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.
(Sometimes the posting of my sells can be delayed by a couple days to even a couple weeks depending on when I get around to updating the spreadsheet.)

See the link above to view the latest.  

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