Weekly Purchases - 10/24/15

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My favorite buy right now is Walmart (WMT) and IBM (IBM).  As long as the market continues to be overbought I plan to focus on buying additional shares in these 2 companies.  

Retirees: I Did Not Buy IBM To Sell; It's About The Dividend Income, Stupid

You know the bottom is close in IBM just by reading all the negative comments towards Chuck's article above.  I plan to continue buying anything below 150.

I Bought:

Over the last week I increased my annual income by $158.96

  • 12 shares of IBM (IBM) - This will increase my annual dividends by $62.40
  • 21 shares Emerson Electric (EMR) - This will increase my annual dividends by $39.48
  • 18 shares of Alliance Resources Partners LP (ARLP) - This will increase my annual dividends by $48.60
  • 2 shares of Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) - This will increase my annual dividends by $4.08
  • 3 shares of Eaton Corp (ETN) - This will increase my annual dividends by $4.40

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

Symbol Open Date Close Date Days Held Quantity Purchase Price Sale Price Current Price Cost Basis Net Proceeds $ Gain / (Loss) % Gain / (Loss) Dividends Received Net Gain / (Loss) Net % Gain / (Loss)
INTC 7/8/2015 10/23/2015 105 5 $27.60 $34.80 $34.90 $138.00 $174.00 $36.00 26.09% $0.48 $36.48 26.43%

I made 26% gain in just around 2 months holding time.  My cash position has continued to dwindle so I decided to take profits on Intel and move the funds into ARLP.  I continue to believe that the Coal sector is the most hated on the planet.  With most coal companies down over 90% from the highs I continue to add to one of the best.  ARLP pays 12% yield and coverage on the dividend is 1.7, so I am not worried at this time of a dividend cut.  ARLP has continued to raise every year for the last decade.

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