Weekly Purchases - 5/17/15

Written by MrStockFox. Posted in Weekly Update


Overall this was a pretty slow week.  I continue to wait on any additional purchases within the energy sector.  I still beleive that we head lower in the coming weeks and if we don't that is ok too because I am still overweight energy compaies within my dividend portfolio.  

I decided to sell 6 covered calls against my PVG position.  This resulted in $283.83 of income.

Going into next week I like OHI, WPC, O, MCD, PG, SXL. I might also start buying back into TGT since it is currently lower than where I sold.

I Bought:

These purchases increased my annual income by $63.52 over the last week.

  • 22 shares of Omego Healthcare Reit (OHI) - This will increase my annual dividends by $47.52
  • 5 shares of Sunoco Logistics Partners LP (SXL) - This will increase my annual dividends by $8.40
  • 5 shares of Potash Corp (POT) - This will increase my annual dividends by $7.60
  • 6 Covered Calls of Pretivm (PVG) - Income of $283.83

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.


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