Weekly Purchases - 4/19/15

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sorry, no photo this week.


Several weeks I decided to sell off my Target (TGT) shares so that I could participate in the GoDaddy IPO at Loyal3.com.  Rather than buy back Target, I decided to take advatage of the decline in Walmart.  Normally I try to purchase shares over a 3% yield.  On Friday I purchased over $1000 worth which in turn has been my largest addition to WMT since the beginning of last year.  Eventually I would like to build up a position to around 30-40 shares.

As for Realty Income Corp, if you look back at my completed trades from earlier in the year, I sold off a minor position in O to purchase additional shares in Chevron.  I am now starting to buy back Realty Income Corp at almost 5% cheaper than where I sold the position.

With W P Carey, I decided to follow Diviend Mantra's lead after his excellent write up of the company earlier in the week. You can read more about that located here.

I Bought:

My purchases increased my annual income by $65.57 this week.

  • 6 shares of W P Carey Inc (WPC) - This will increase my annual dividends by $22.86
  • 5 share of Realty Income Corp (O) - This will increase my annual dividends by $11.35
  • 16 shares of Walmart Stores Inc (WMT) - This will increase my annual dividends by $31.36

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

Symbol Open Date Close Date Days Held Quantity Purchase Price Sale Price Current Price Cost Basis Net Proceeds $ Gain / (Loss) % Gain / (Loss) Dividends Received Net Gain / (Loss) Net % Gain / (Loss)
HAL 12/2/2014 4/15/2015 133 5 $40.70 $48.08 $46.89 $203.50 $240.41 $36.91 18.14% $1.80 $38.71 19.02%
HP 1/30/2015 4/15/2015 75 1 $59.28 $76.51 $73.64 $59.28 $76.51 $17.23 29.07% $0.69 $17.92 30.23%
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