Weekly Purchases - 2/22/15

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san juan


To add some variety to the website, I am providing images from some of the amazing trips I have experienced over the years.  The following photograph was taken at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2014.

This week I spent some time taking some profits on positions that I caught the recent bottom on. I then moved these funds into my RothIRA and my wifes IRA. Eventually I would like to buy these positions back at lower prices than I sold.  I still believe that oil is going to take one more drop, so my profit taking was in anticipation of that. 

I officially changed the way I invested in Jan 2014 by becoming focused on Dividend Growth.  Looking back I can't believe that in July my future 12 month dividends were at $1372 and now my rate is almost 3x that much at $3415. This week I increased my annual income by $73.10.  

I Bought:

$1300 of Baxter International Inc (BAX) - This will increase my annual dividends by $39.52

$320 of Sprott Inc (SPOXF) - This will increase my annual dividends by $15.90

$170 of Toronto Dominion (TD) - This will increase my annual dividends by $6.48

$330 of Caterpillar Inc (CAT) - This will increase my annual dividends by $11.20

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

2 shares of TD for an overall gain of 6% - I sold this position because I wanted to move it to a Retirement account so I could avoid paying the 15% withholding taxes on the dividends.  Looks like I nabbed a short term high so I purchased the position back several days later plus 2 additional shares at a lower prices than i sold.

11 shares of WMB for an overall gain of 19%

8 shares of BBL for an overall gain of 21%

What did you buy and or sell this week?   

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