My 2017 Personal and Financial Goals

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If you are interested in reading about my prior years goals you can find them here.

So, much of my goals for 2017 are just a contiuation of my goals from 2016

Goal 1:  Contribute $80,000 in new capital to Dividend Stocks

Last year, my goal was $60,000 and I managed to hit just under $70,000 in fresh capital.  This year I am really going to reach for things and try for $80,000.  I am currently running at $77,000 for the last 12 months so I totally think this goal is doable.

Goal 2:  Have $475,000 invested in Dividend Paying Equities

Last year I hit $288,000, and my goal was only $220,000.  My Dividend portfolio has already hit $375,000, so if you include an additional $70,000 in new capital plus another $15,000 in dividends I should hit above $450,000.  But I am really going to shoot for the moon and try for $475,000.  To think, I only started this portfolio just over 3 years ago with zero dollars.  Pretty crazy!

Goal 3:  Have $20000 in future annualized dividends by the end of 2017

Last year my goal was $10,000, and I am already over $15,000 and its only Febuary.  Its going to be really hard but I am going to try for $20,000.

Goal 4:  Lose 20 pounds

This is one goal that I have been frustrated with for a very long time.  I am overall pretty healthy person and workout or exercise 3-5 times a week.  My biggest issue with losing weight is that I love food.  I love bread, pizza, ice cream, etc.  I don't take the necessary time to prepare a healthy meal for myself, I snack a lot, and make poor choices.

Goal 5: Spend less time on the computer and phone

This is one of those goals that I had last year, but its on the chopping block for this year.  One of my side business require that I spend a lot of time on the computer.  I am not even going to try to make this happen this year.  My above goals are much more important.
So what do you think of my goals?  How do they compare to yours?
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