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topcashback TopCashback has partnered with a wide range of stores to offer discounts on your online shopping. There are no catches - it’s "FREE" to join, and "FREE" to use. swagbucks SwagBucks has to be one of my FAVORITE ways to earn “FREE” gift cards toward places like Amazon, Target, Overstock, and more.
fatwallet FatWallet helps me find great deals and get Cash Back on purchases from my favorite stores. swagbucks pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online.
cardpool Cardpool where you can buy discounted gift cards to all your favorite stores for up to 35% OFF. FREE shipping on all orders.    

How to Save 34% on

Written by MrStockFox. Posted in Retail

This offer is valid from 6/26/14 at 12:00am EST through 6/29/14 at 11:59pm PDT; Max savings $20;


Here is how I saved 34% off on a couple massage gift certificates.

Step 1: You need to sign up for a free account with FatWallet.  FatWallet helps me find great deals and get Cash Back on purchases from my favorite stores.  (There are many different portals, but FatWallet is currently offering the best deal for LivingSocial.  You can find additional portals listed on my Deals Page.)

Step 2: Once you open an account and you are logged in, visit the following link to click through FatWallet's portal. C  Anytime you purchase through Fatwallet you will get a percentage back on your total purchase price.  Currently the rebate offer is 10% cash back for LivingSocial.

Step 3: Find something you would like to purchase at  I found an 80-min massage for $59.  When you are checking out you will need to enter the following Promo Code "JUNE20" to save 20%

Step 4: Use a Debit Card to save an additional 5.2% off your purchase. (I am not going to go into details on this process, but you can read over my previous post here on how this works.)

So lets break down the pricing from my example.

The Massage originally cost $59

I then saved 20% by typing in the promo code above.  $59 - $11.80 = $47.20

I then received 10% cash back through FatWallet.  $47.20 - $5.90 = $41.30

I then used my Debit Card to purchased the Massage Gift Certificate to save an additional 5.2%.  $47.20 * .052 = $2.45

So the final price for the massage ended up being $41.30 - $2.45 = $38.85

That is a total savings of 34%.

How to Save 47% Off at

Written by MrStockFox. Posted in Retail

I'm not much of a coupon clipper but, I do like to save as much as I can when shopping online.  One of the best ways to instantly save almost 6% on anything you purchase, is by using a Debit MasterCard.   I not going to get into the fine details of how this works because there are already many places you can read about this, here and here.  I take this approach much further to compound my savings even further.  Here is how I saved 47% OFF  You can also use this approach with almost any online retailer to instantly save big.


Step 1.   

I prefer to use credit cards that earn 5 points per dollar or 5% cash back. My favorite card remains to be the Citi ThankYou card that earns 5 points per dollar at drugstores.  This card is no longer available to new members, but there are a few other cards with this feature. A few examples:

  • Wells Fargo Cash Back Card
  • Citizens Bank Cash Back Platinum MasterCard
  • Old Amex Blue Cash Card