Review of 2015 Goals

Written by MrStockFox. Posted in Goals

Goal 1:  Contribute between $3500 and $4000 a month of my salary to Dividend Growth companies

Success - In 2014, I was able to contribute $39,117 of new funds towards my Dividend Portfolio.  In 2015, I blew this total out of the water by adding $55,865.  This was over 50% of my take home pay last year. I feel pretty confident that I will meet or exceed this total in 2016.  I continue to pay down some outstanding debt which will only add to my cashflow this year.


Goal 2:  Have $120,000 invested in Dividend Paying Equities

Fail - Well you can't control the markets.  I would have easily had over $120,000 Dividend Portfolio, but since my portfolio is heavily invested in the commodities sector it got hit hard towards the end of the year.  The final value was $116,517.

Goal 3:  Have $5000 in future annualized dividends by the end of 2015

Success - Even though I had several companies cut their dividends substantially, I still managed to greatly exceed my target of $5000.  I ended the year at $5645 in future dividends. 

Goal 4:  Lose 20 pounds

Failed AGAIN! - My biggest issue with losing weight is that I love food.  I love bread, pizza, ice cream, etc.  My problem isn't a lack of working out, as I generally do that 4-6 times a week.  I am generally pretty lazy when it comes to my eating habits.  I don't take the necessary time to prepare a healthy meal for myself, I snack a lot, and make poor choices.I am starting a new program next week with my wife.  It will help working together on changing our eating life style.

Goal 5: Spend less time on the computer and phone

Fail - Although I have improved, I still would like to spend less time in front of my phone and computer.  I always feel the need to check stock quotes or read recent articles others have posted within the dividend community. 

Goal 6: Cut out the fat!

Success - In 2015 I did several things that lowered my overall spending.  I signed up with a friends cellular family plan and now my wife and I only pay a combine rate of $40 per month for unlimited everything on our cell phones.  I used to pay upwards of $80-$100 a month.  This lowered my annual spending by around $600.

I also was successful in cutting my membership.


Well there you have it. I was successful at 3 out of the 6 goals that I listed for 2015.  Expect over the next 1-2 weeks a write up of my 2016 goals.  

So how do you think I did with my 2015 goals?  Were you successful at yours?