My 2016 Personal and Financial Goals

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If you are interested in reading about my prior years goals you can find them here.

Goal 1:  Contribute $5000 a month of my salary to Dividend Growth companies

Last year I was able to contribute just over $55,000 in new funds to my accounts.  I'm goint to try and beat that this year by raising my goal to $60,000

Goal 2:  Have $220,000 invested in Dividend Paying Equities

Last year I hit $140,000, so by adding $60,000 in additional funds I hope to hit $200,000.  But to hit $220,000 I would have to have a $20,000 captial gains increase.

Goal 3:  Have $10000 in future annualized dividends by the end of 2016

Last year my goal was $5000, so to increase that to $10,000 in a single year is a lofty goal.

Goal 4:  Lose 20 pounds

This is one goal that I have been frustrated with for a very long time.  I am overall pretty healthy person and workout or exercise 3-5 times a week.  My biggest issue with losing weight is that I love food.  I love bread, pizza, ice cream, etc.  I don't take the necessary time to prepare a healthy meal for myself, I snack a lot, and make poor choices.

Goal 5: Spend less time on the computer and phone

Overall I feel that if I spent half as much time on the computer it probably wouldn't change my overall investment philosophy.  At this point I have a pretty good idea of what positions I need to continue building, so spending more time researching companies would only take away time from my family.  I have a feeling of always needing to be connected.  So this year I would like to try and spend more time with the things that are important, my wife and kids.

Goal 6: Increase my take home pay by $15,000

I have ownership in 4 additional business, in addition to my standard salary job.  Several of those business are doing very well and I hope to take home a substantial amount this year.
So what do you think of my goals?  How do they compare to yours?
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