My 2015 Personal and Financial Goals

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Better late than never right?  Even though its almost the end of March, I wanted to write down a list of objectives and goals to work towards for the end of 2015.  If you are interested in reading about my prior years goals you can find them here.

Goal 1:  Contribute between $3500 and $4000 a month of my salary to Dividend Growth companies

This would be a continuation of last years goal.  I'm going to leave the dollar amount exactly the same because I was unsuccessful in 2014.  Although I was able to save $39,117 , something in which I am very proud of. It still did not meet my overall goal of saving at least $42,000.  I feel pretty confident that I will meet or exceed this goal this year.  Last month I paid off my car which will give me the ability to save an extra $500 more each month.

Goal 2:  Have $120,000 invested in Dividend Paying Equities

Last year I was too conservative in my estimates for this goal so I decided to really reach for it this year.  At the end of 2014 my dividend portfolio was worth $71,650.  So between my contributions and capital gains the overall portfolio would need to increase by $48,350.  If I add at least $3500 a month that would total $42,000 in new contributions leaving the rest to be made up with increase in prices.

Goal 3:  Have $5000 in future annualized dividends by the end of 2015

With the recent decrease in ESV dividends this next goal is going to be a tough one to hit. I would love to have over $5000 in future dividends by the end of 2015  Currently I am just over $3400.  So with only 9 months left in the year I would have to contribute $45000 at an average dividend yield of 3.5%.  Only using the new funds from my salary wont accomplish this goal.  I will have to use funds from other investments..

Goal 4:  Lose 20 pounds

This is one goal that I have been frustrated with for a very long time.  I am overall pretty healthy person and workout or exercise 3-5 times a week.  My biggest issue with losing weight is that I love food.  I love bread, pizza, ice cream, etc.  I don't take the necessary time to prepare a healthy meal for myself, I snack a lot, and make poor choices.

Goal 5: Spend less time on the computer and phone

Overall I feel that if I spent half as much time on the computer it probably wouldn't change my overall investment philosophy.  At this point I have a pretty good idea of what positions I need to continue building, so spending more time researching companies would only take away time from my family.  I have a feeling of always needing to be connected.  So this year I would like to try and spend more time with the things that are important, my wife and kids.

Goal 6: Cut out the fat!

Although I am already saving quite a large amount, I still feel there is room for improvement.  For instance, I have been a long time subscriber of, of which, was costing me over $250 a year.  Some would say that is a small price to pay, but there are so many free charting softwares that I decided to give up my membership.  I have decided to make the switch the which gives me almost 95% of what I used over at and is 100% FREE.  
So what do you think of my goals?  How do they compare to yours?
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