Weekly Purchases - 7/27/14

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goblin state park


To add some variety to the website, I am going to start providing images from some of the amazing trips I have experienced over the years.  The following photograph was taken at sunrise in Goblin State Park, Utah in 2007.

I Bought:

Dividend Income Portfolio (Total increase in income = $81.11)

$400 of Ensco (ESV) - This will add $20.00 to my annual dividend income.

$940 of Coach Inc (COH) - This will add $36.45 to my annual dividend income.

$110 of Encana Corp (ECA) - This will add $1.40 to my annual dividend income.

$25 of McDonald's (MCD) - This will add $0.85 to my annual dividend income.

$25 of Mattel (MAT) - This will add $1.07 to my annual dividend income.

$500 of Sprott Inc (SPOXF) - This will add $21.34 to my annual dividend income.


$1300 of B2Gold (BTG) - This position is only for a trade which I will hopefully sell over $3.00.  I just recently sold 1000 shares at $2.91 back in June.  I had planned to start buying back at $2.60 which we hit this week.

Speculation Tech Portfolio

$180 of Bind Therapuetuics (BIND)

  • About: BIND Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage nanomedicine platform company, develops various targeted and programmable therapeutics. It is developing Accurins that are designed with specified physical and chemical characteristics to target specific cells or tissues and concentrate a therapeutic payload at the site of disease to enhance efficacy while minimizing adverse effects on healthy tissues. 

I Sold:

If you wish to view all my completed trades, you can find them located here.

11 Calls of PVG 092014 7.50 for a total gain of 56%.  This week PVG did a secondary which took the shares down quite a bit.  I was all prepared for my shares to be called away from me in September but with the large decline it gave me an opportunity to take some profits.  I originally wrote these calls back in May.  This is the 3rd time this year I have been able to profit from writing calls against my PVG position.  On any major up move I plan to write calls again against these 1100 shares.

40 shares of ATUSF for a total gain of 16%.  I kept 10 share from my original position just for the heck of it.

2 shares of JPM for a total gain of 10%.

5 shares of CSCO for a total gain of 20% which includes dividends.  I'm looking to buy this back on any weakness.

Side Note:

My intent is to hold companies for many months and even for many years.  But with that said, if I see something in the charts or receive a large gain after owning the stock for a short period of time, I will sell my position and take profits.

Also, because the general market is up 30%+ over the last year I continue to be cautious when adding to my dividend portfolio and reducing some positions on rally's.  Many of the companies I am interested in buying are at all time highs.  I generally want to see a several week to several month decline before considering adding to a position.  Overall I continue to be overweight in my Commodities Portfolio and use most of my available funds to purchase in this sector.  In all accounts except my 401k I get FREE Trades.  This is why I can purchase only a couple shares at a time without exposing myself to a high commission percentage.

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Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) Increases Dividend

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Some how I missed this one, but a couple weeks ago Enterprise Products Partners announced a quarterly dividend increase to $0.72 per common unit, or $2.88 per unit on an annualized basis. The quarterly distribution will be paid on Thursday, August 7, 2014, to unitholders of record as of the close of business on Thursday, July 31, 2014. This distribution, which represents a 5.9 percent increase over the $0.68 per unit distribution declared with respect to the second quarter of 2013, is the 49th distribution increase since Enterprise’s initial public offering in 1998 and the 40th consecutive quarterly increase.

My portfolio consists of 2 shares of EPD, which increases my annual dividends to $5.76. The yield based on Friday's closing price is 3.8% and my yield-on-cost is is 4.9%.


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Mcdonalds Could be Close to a Major Breakdown

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Negative Divergences in place.  I planned on buying a large position this month in MCD but after looking at this chart I have decided to put any major buying in McDonalds on hold for the time being.  Just in case I am wrong, I still plan to continue to add my $50-$150 a month at loyal3.com.  If the trendline is broken then I will put all buying on hold until we get closer to the pink support areas.

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GDX - A longer Term Look

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Everybody in the world has seen this inverse head and shoulders pattern on the gold stocks.  Any breakout above the 27.50 area would be very positive. The  first long term target would be the yellow zone on the chart above, over 50% higher from these levels.

Shorter term I would still like for the GDX to come back down and fill the gap marked in yellow.  This is where I would like to personally back up the truck on the gold stocks, by buying larger positions in SLW, FNV, BTG, SAND, GDXJ, etc.

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